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“Live intensely with Buondi®” is not just a motto.


The Buondi® brand was created by Montarroio Coffee Company in 1986 with a healthy obsession for detail and perfection, because exceptional coffee does not come easily.

Ground from the world’s finest Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, expertly roasted and blended in Europe – the result is a uniquely intense coffee experience.

BUONDI®’s signature flavor comes down to its slow- roasting process. Unlike other brands, BUONDI® uses a more delicate method with coffee beans, which preserves their tropical essence and smoothens the acidic edges.

What eventually pours into your cup is a well-rounded blend, with a bold aroma and a dense hazelnut cream.

BUONDI® is famous for its intense and creamy taste, but we also like to think that its popularity has something to do with the way it helps us to connect with each other.

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Where do you like to drink your BUONDI® ?

Where do you drink your Buondi®?

To create the perfect Buondi® blend, an espresso typically needs the right combination of a skilled barista, quality equipment and a carefully-crafted product.

Buondi’s® high-quality, deliciously luxurious espresso can be enjoyed by those out and about on the town, at work or at home relaxing. Wherever you are, take a moment for yourself. Live intensely and enjoy a truly exceptional coffee experience.

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Our Customers Love BUONDI®

Joseph Milde
Verified purchaseVerified purchase
3 weeks ago
Paula Pereira
Verified purchaseVerified purchase

My husband loves your coffee.

2 months ago
Dean Moore
Verified purchaseVerified purchase
7 months ago
Verified purchaseVerified purchase

Thanks for the great service and beautiful espresso cups. Regards, Bob

7 months ago
Verified purchaseVerified purchase

They fit nicely under my espresso machine. Wish I could have bought one.

10 months ago

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