GIAVA® for Business

Giava® for Business

Need a bespoke solution for your establishment? Our team of experienced and helpful professionals will help you customize the perfect arrangement for your needs.

Food Service

For some establishments, coffee is peripheral to the main event. That is not the case for Food Service.
Coffee is the heart and soul of any business revolving around food. You will increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by serving a brand renowned for its superb coffee. Smooth, creamy, and intense.
Adding our coffee to your menu will complement any meal, delight your average customer, and impress the coffee connoisseurs.

Available for you:
– our finest whole beans and ground coffee
– our professional equipment: sales, installation, and service
– branded drinkware and marketing banners.

Office Coffee

As much as work ethics, breaks are an essential aspect of office life.

Create a friendly and professional work environment in your company. Keep staff and customers onsite with a smooth and fragrant coffee that can rival any barista in town.

Available for you:
– a variety of our finest whole beans, our packed ground blends, and compostable premium single cup pods (E.S.E)
– branded marketing products and POS
– our professional equipment: sales, installation, and service

Grocery Retail

The “National Coffee Data Trends” report shows that the market is undergoing a period of radical transformation, driven by the increasing popularity of premium coffee brands among mainstream consumers.
Joining our Grocery Retail Program, you will supply your customers with the finest brands of coffee that money can buy. Our selection guarantees quality, superb taste, and a variety of blends that will satisfy your customers’ every whim.

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