Flor da Selva, which literally means ‘jungle flower’ or the name of the coffee flower, also known as ‘coffea’, is a historic artisan company and one of the last wood-fired coffee roasters in Europe. It is a gateway to a very different experience. This is coffee made to be savored attentively.

The Flor da Selva’s roasting workshop was founded in 1950 and it’s still based in a narrow, sloping cobblestone street on a traditional neighborhood of charming Lisbon.

Flor da Selva preserves the secrets of the traditional roasting processes abandoned by most producers. They source green coffee beans directly from the best plantations around the world and roast them gently with oak fire wood. The coffee acquires a round, harmonious taste that contrasts with the metallic tang often associated with gas roasting.

Our range of Flor da Selva’s
oak wood fire roasted coffee.


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